Some VPN’s Under Review


There exist a hundred different VPN providers present in the market, thus deciding on the best VPN service to suit your needs can be a daunting task. Its role usually is hiding your real IP address by assigning you different IP address while connecting through the VPN provider’s servers. Furthermore, determining the best VPN is deciding on one which strikes an excellent balance between pricing, ease of use, versatility, security, and speed. Below are some of the best VPN providers.


This VPN provider blows away its competitors offering great speeds continuously. Whether the test is done on different platforms or operating systems, ExpressVPN regularly emerges better than its competitors. Moreover, it does not also matter on the time of day the test is done across Android, iOS, Mac, and PC; this provider always emerges as the fastest.

Additionally, it is one of the higher-end providers while being lag-free and dependable with servers across different countries. Subsequently, you can stream Netflix or any other streaming service free of any buffering.

The software has a kill switch, SmartDNS, AES- encryption, auto-connect, and OpenVPN support. Moreover, it can be installed in three gadgets and has three payment plans, the monthly, bi-annual and annual plan which cost $13, $60 and $100 respectively with a 30-day refund.


If you are in search of maximum privacy always, NordVPN is by far the best VPN service. It comes with a user interface nicely designed and is intuitive as well as having smart search features which make it simple to use. Moreover, their servers are categorized into Ultra-secure and Ultra-fast thereby making it use very convenient.

Having its headquarters in Panama, privacy while using this provider is rock-solid beyond the eyes. Therefore, you can depend on software filled with whistles and bells which make the VPN dependable – DNS leak protection, a kill switch, 256-bit AES encryption, OpenVPN, double encryption, VPN into Tor- as well as zero logs policy.

With over 830 server locations, it is super-fast thus a perfect choice for HD streaming, online gaming, and P2P file-sharing.

Lastly, you can use it on all commonly used platforms up to 6 gadgets, with the monthly, bi-annual and annual cost being $12, $42, and $70 respectively, plus a 30-day money-back assurance.


Despite being a great VPN provider for beginners, it still comes with lots of features, while still being simple to install and sturdy enough. Furthermore, it does not log your connection details with the clients having a kill switch, Open VPN, 256-bit AES encryption and SOCKs5 web proxy.

For the majority of the time, it offers a lag-free performance due to its many servers spread across the globe. Its bandwidth is not restricted hence works excellent with HD streaming, online gaming and P2P torrenting with up to 5 simultaneous connections costing $10 monthly and the annual plan charging $6.49 monthly. Also, all the subscriptions come with a 7-day money-back assurance.